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Why Shoot in Panama

With our new film law and the Panama Film Commission, the government of Panama actively welcomes foreign productions to shoot here and provides all the support they need to perform a smooth and pleasant production in the country. Within our main benefits, we have:

  • 25% Cash Back on qualified foreign productions for the total spent in the country
  • Special customs permit will allow you to enter all equipment for your production hassle-free
  • Most public locations are free
  • No unions
  • Panama has US Dollar currency. No need for exchange.
  • More than 70 straight flights and many within the same time zone.
  • Major rental houses provide vast equipment selection for your production
  • Most local technical crew and extras speak English

Make Panama your next location whether your production is television or feature film, big or small budget. Panama can simulate major cities of the world, closer to you and with lower costs.

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