**Please contact the Panama Film Commission before proceeding with the application materials.


The Panama Film Incentive program offers a 25% cash rebate for production costs taking place in the country.  The incentive program covers feature films, television pilots, television series (broadcast and cable), television commercials, music videos, industrials, documentaries, video game design and creation, and other forms of content creation.

Major components of the incentive program include:

  • 25% cash rebate on qualified productions.
  • An abroad production company must have at least $500 thousand in qualified local expenditures.
  • A Panamanian production company has to hire a certified public accountant in the Republic of Panama, in order to audit the financial documentation with all details about the expenses incurred during the filming process in Panama and then, certify those requirements are in compliance with the law.

For additional information regarding the incentive program contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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